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What you should know about DD 2807-2

  1. Replaces the existing medical prescreen form DD Form 2807-2 AUG 2011
  2. MEPS Chief Medical Officers may locally modify the above instructions if doing so enhances the efficiency of medical processing
  3. Positive responses on the form do not automatically result in disqualification

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How to prepare DD 2807-2

Get the form's sample
Click the Get Form button to open the Dd Form 2807 2 in an on-line editor. The format is not hard to complete and distribute digitally or print if needed.
Fill in and sign the sample
Fill in every area inside the file delivering only legitimate and exact info. Put your eSignature within the file if there is a signature box.
Save and deliver the file
Just click DONE to finalize and deliver the doc by electronic mail and Text message, or fax. If you have to deliver a printed version of your form, you may use the Send by way of USPS function.

About Dd Form 2807 2

DD Form 2807-2 is a medical history form used by the Department of Defense. It is used to collect medical information from military personnel, including active duty members, reservists, and veterans. The form is used to determine medical suitability for certain duties, deployments, and medical treatment. The form is required for all applicants for military service, as well as for members of the military who are undergoing medical evaluations for certain types of duty, such as combat, diving, or flight. Additionally, the form may be used for those who need medical clearance for overseas travel or classified assignments. Overall, DD Form 2807-2 is an important medical document that helps ensure the health and safety of military personnel.

How to complete a DD 2807-2

  1. Make sure to have all supporting medical documentation ready
  2. Complete the form with accurate and detailed information following the instructions provided
  3. Submit the form along with all medical documents to USMEPCOM for review
  4. Read each question carefully and provide thorough explanations for any positive responses
  5. For further assistance, recruiters or parent/guardian can help in completing the form

People also ask about DD 2807-2

Who needs to complete the DD 2807-2 form?
This form is to be completed by each individual who requires medical processing.
What is the purpose of the DD 2807-2 form?
The questions are intended to provide the U.S. Military Entrance Processing Command with health history information necessary to identify conditions commonly related to medical causes for separation.
How is the DD 2807-2 form used in the medical pre-screening process?
Accurate responses to all questions are critical and all positive responses must be fully explained.

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Prevent information loss by e-filing

It could frequently take place that the Dd Form 2807 2 mailed by post does not get to the receiver and gets lost. It occasionally uses up to several months to reveal the loss and resubmit the form. Ok, in case the information loss leads to time loss. But what if you have a due date for submission plus it was violated. The submitter might be exposed to penalty charges. In such a case, online papers submitting is more safe. You fill in the form, press the send button and it quickly gets to the recipient and helps prevent all of the unnecessary risks.